Ryan Ross - Candidate for Broward County Commissioner, District 2

As a single father of a three year old and resident of Broward County, I understand many of the struggles facing our families and cities. Some of these issues are common: rising property taxes, rent, and condo and homeowner association fees. Other problems are not as visible, but just as harmful. Vast amounts of money are being spent on county contracts to provide services and update infrastructure, yet they rarely help citizens of our county, if they are completed at all.

I am running on a simple campaign platform: let’s invest our time and listen to what local citizens want and need and then shape policies in a way that supports people. So, please send me the problems, frustrations, and issues that are preventing you from enjoying the benefits of our cities instead of incurring all its costs.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter or send us an email. We want you to speak to us. We want to listen—and we are going to spend the next two years doing it, proving that the county commission after November 2018 will truly represent you.