As a teacher with Broward County Public Schools and former administrator for Florida Atlantic Univeristy, I have spent nearly a decade in public education, working in a variety of roles in teaching, business operations, information technology, and policy. I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from Florida Atlantic University in African, American, and political history. I served as a 2017 delegate for the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida to the Florida Democratic Party, advocating for serious reforms within the party and its platform.

I am running to represent and serve the people of Broward County on the Board of County Commissioners. For too long, it’s been dominated by developers, lobbyists, and corporate interests. It’s been an insider’s game and it’s largely remained out of public view. Costs of living have soared. Education, from daycare to college, has become unaffordable. Private prisons and ICE deportation facilities are fully operational. Transportation and traffic have massive infrastructure issues. Medical marijuana is no more accessible for our residents than when we overwhelmingly voted for it. The courts are disproportionately hurting minorities and poor with practices unjustly incarcerating those who cannot afford to pay for their release. And little has been done to reverse this trend.

We need to move beyond the partisan rhetoric and divisive political discourse and advocate for change that goes beyond party affiliation, change that helps individuals and families with childcare, taxes, buying and renting a home, finding jobs, eliminating debt, affording an education, while also responding to an opioid epidemic, homelessness, our costly dependence on fossil fuels, and a criminal justice system that needs reform. We need a responsive, accessible government that operates transparently and accountably to the residents.