Affordable Housing

Broward County was recently ranked last out of 67 counties in Florida for disparity between wages and housing costs. Fewer families and young adults can afford to buy homes or rent in Coconut Creek. This is one of the most pressing issues affecting South Florida. As Commissioner, I will not only work with local, state, and federal agencies to create responsible, resident-supported development and policies addressing the housing crisis, but also collaborate with local governments across the nation that have successfully reversed this important issue.

We need to explore new ways to create an affordable market. Our county should partner with our community and local banks to offer mortgages at lower interest rates as well as examine our regulatory environments that are preventing families and individuals from qualifying for homes due to student loans and down payment needs. We must also work with our Community Redevelopment Agency and first-time homebuyer purchase assistance programs to ensure that our grant programs are fully funded and local realtors understand how to help people looking to move or buy in our city. This is a complex issue, but the city needs to do more for our residents.

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