Local Government Reform

 Local Government Reform

Local Government Reform

This campaign is about a movement to reshape local government. To prioritize the voices of the residents over those of special interests and lobbyists, to put an end to wasteful spending at the expense of our taxpayers. We need campaigns that aren’t about partisan rhetoric and empty promises, but delivering real change to build a better Coconut Creek and Broward County.

  • Term-Limits
  • District-wide elections
  • Monthly town halls
  • City petition drives requiring responses from elected officials

One City Commissioner with the support of the residents of Coconut Creek who cannot be bought by developers, contractors, and lobbyists can put an end to the corporate control and restore representative government for all residents: Democrats, Republicans, Independents, No Party Affiliations, and others. It is time for a change—a change that seeks to bring about serious criminal justice reform, government accountability, energy reform, affordable housing, and fighting against a crippling opioid and homelessness epidemic.

You deserve better and I will vote down, table, and disclose every vote that isn’t in the interest of the people of our city. Change happens when elected politicians place people over party and corporate interests. Let’s build a grassroots movement that reminds our elected officials that they’ve lost sight of what we want and why they’re in office.

I am running to represent and serve the people of Coconut Creek. For too long, it’s been dominated by developers, lobbyists, and corporate interests. It’s been an insider’s game and it’s largely remained out of public view. Costs of living have soared. Education, from daycare to college, has become unaffordable. Transportation and traffic have massive infrastructure issues. Medical marijuana is no more accessible for our residents than when they overwhelmingly voted for it. And little has been done to reverse this trend.

We need to move beyond the partisan rhetoric and divisive political discourse and advocate for change that goes beyond party affiliation, change that helps individuals and families with childcare, taxes, buying and renting a home, finding jobs, eliminating debt, affording an education, while also responding to an opioid epidemic, homelessness, our costly dependence on fossil fuels, and a criminal justice system that needs reform. We need a responsive, accessible government that operates transparently and accountably for the residents.

Ryan Ross Addressing the County Commission on Public Meetings and Times