In almost every modern political campaign, candidates speak about creating jobs or job growth. The question is how. Certainly, we can provide a regulatory environment and tax incentives to develop and operate more businesses in Broward County. We should also invest in local citizens. One opportunity is a high school to state college pipeline that roots our innovative and creative residents to our community.

The costs of tuition and housing are rising. More and more students cannot afford to finish their education or survive mounting debt and fewer families and young adults can afford to buy homes. We need to invest in the future of our residents with education grants and purchase assistance programs. As individuals and families buy homes or rent at affordable rates in Broward County, they will expand our tax base, increase local spending, and grow our economy.

Another important issue is taxes. Broward County has a $4.8 billion budget. Wasted money is going everywhere and their funding this with your tax. Our current commission is content to live with “fluff” in the budget, as he put it. I am not. Let’s make sure there is a comprehensive review of the budget, examining existing and proposed allocations. In every agency and department, the budget should be analyzed through a thorough review and justification process. We should also be lowering the tax burden by creating operating and administrative efficiencies.