Alternative Energy and Environment

Energy independence offers a solution that protects our environment and bolsters our economy. As Commissioner, I will work tirelessly not only to bring solar and other renewable energy manufacturing jobs to Broward County, but also reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

Broward County continues to rely on fossil fuels and natural gas pipelines. In 2016, the Commission renewed a 30-year non-exclusive agreement with Florida Power & Light (FPL). As county commissioner, I will introduce, support, and invest in creating a comprehensive clean and sustainable renewable energy, such as solar, throughout Broward County and decrease our dependence on environmentally harmful fossil fuels while reducing costs to residents.

In addition to legislating clean, sustainable energy, our county has suffered environmentally. Our county commissioner failed to attend important South Florida Regional Planning Council meetings and hearings of the Department of Environmental Protection about waste and injection wells in our district. He was fortunately replaced by an active, environmentally-conscious commissioner outside of our district. Local issues include the decades-long tire disposal issue affecting the ocean’s ecosystem and the destruction of our coral reefs by dumping partially-treated sewage and coastal construction.

Everglades Restoration is an important initiative for Broward County and we need to elect officials who will work with local, state, and federal agencies to restore and repair the Everglades and avoid taking money from Big Sugar. Algae bloom, which may carry toxins, poses a threat to Broward Canals, waterways, and our beaches. I will work directly with the Department of Environmental Protection on these issues and more. I promise to attend the meetings and inform the public on how we can support these initiatives.