Our Students and Schools

Every high school graduate should have access to a college education and a better future. As Commissioner, I will ensure that all students receive free state college tuition through community grants, local partnerships, my salary, and private funding without increasing taxes.

In Broward County, fewer than 85% of our students graduate high school. Compare that percentage to Black, economically disadvantaged, or at-risk students, the graduation rate drops significantly. As county commissioner, I will introduce and support legislation creating college education grants and scholarships for no-to-low income and at-risk students to ensure that every student who graduates high school has access to a college education without incurring crippling student loan debt. I will use my commissioner salary and work with businesses and corporations to guarantee our district schools have a pipeline to our local state community colleges.

Our schools are in disrepair with physically unsafe conditions from safety to health. We need to address these issues with the School Board of Broward County and our legislators. As a teacher and a candidate, I will not stop fighting until our schools are safe and secure and provide healthy learning conditions. Mold in our classrooms and buildings is unacceptable!