Voting Reform

Write-in loopholes are disenfranchising majorities of voters registered as Independents, Republicans, and other parties in Broward County. Most of our elections are decided in primaries and provide no opportunity for voters who aren’t affiliated with one of the two major parties. If more participation in the political and process and fuller representation are the goal, then open primaries are one of the means. As Commissioner, I will continue to support a better political system that values ideas and issues over identity and partisan politics. I will also support HR 2840 and other measures to increase voter registration and political participation. Currently, voter registration closes 29 days before an election. With write-in loopholes closing primaries two months before the election, we must allow more time for residents to complete voter registration forms to ensure that every person has an opportunity to vote.

Register to vote online.

We need to work to assure our residents that their voices matter and the Commission has a responsibility to move its meeting times from Tuesday at 10:00am to a time that accommodates the schedules of our neighbors and residents throughout the community. We need to hear more voices and respond to the needs of neighbors more directly.

Broward County also unanimously supported a resolution to restore voting rights to felons after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation. Unfortunately, this is all they did. I asked that they all use their platforms, their influence, and their resources to organize and promote events for volunteers to gather petitions to make real legislative change on this issue. As Commissioner, I will continue to collaborate with activists and organizations supporting Say YES to Second Chances to gain the necessary petitions to restore voting rights.